The main thing I will say is that I really like having the Cam-Loc WasteMaster system installed.

Waste Plumbing Fittings

Instead of the normal spin-fit bayonett fitting, I have the WasteMaster Cam-Loc. This system is very slick, doesn't leak and doesn't appear to wear with age/use. The PolyChute hose is also an excellent hose, and fits into the cam-loc system nicely.

In the foreground you can see i have the normal 3" black and 1.5" grey dump fittings. I read online that if you have them straight sideways that the lower rail gets gunk and contaminants in it which results in early failure of the valve. Thus, mine are mounted at an angle.

You can also see an orange bungee cord holding up my drain plumbing. It's attached, naturally, to L-Track on the underside of the bus. You can also see the aluminum angle metal holding up the grey tank inbetween the frame rails. In the background you can see the fresh water tank and blue PEX fresh supply line.


We got a Dometic 310. The bowl is actually real china, so it feels a bit like your home toilet. I don't mean it physical feels that way; I assume you don't sit on your toilet bowl at home -- at least in my house, we use a _seat_. Same is true of the RV toilet :) I mean, it looks and is shaped like a normal toilet, not some strange plastic thing that makes you think you are in a port-a-pottie (or HoneyBucket, or whatever those blue-plastic phonebooths with pits of blue awful are called in your area).

Anyway, no complaints at all; I was very pleased with how this worked out for us.